Xenomorph XX121 more commonly known as a Xenomorph or simply an Alien is a species of advanced endoparasitic organism that is thought to have come from Xenomorph Prime. The Xenomorphs are notorius for their deadliness and intelligance allowing them to kill in packs and outwit other organisms. The Xenomorphs are also known for their rather unique life cycle.

Origin Edit


A possible evolution

The origin of the Xenomorphs is unknown. It is believed the creatures came from "Black Goo". There is another possibility they evolved from Deacons or were engineered for Biological Warfare.

Physical Appearance Edit


A Cloned Xenomorph displaying Digitigrade Legs

Xenomorphs have been seen to take traits from their hosts using the DNA Reflex, though all Xenomorphs maintain a few common traits like Long Heads, Non-Visible Eyes, Sharp Tails and Inner Jaws. Xenomorphs have ranged in color from Red to Black. Xenomorphs usually have 6 fingered hands though they have been seen to have 3, 4 or 5 fingers as well. Most Xenomorphs posses Dorsal Tubes along their back. Xenomorphs can have either plantigrade or ditrigrade legs. Xenomorphs have been seen to have spineless or spined tails.

Abilities and Intellect Edit


A Cloned Xenomorph spitting acid at a Human

Xenomorphs have demonstrated abilities such as climbing skills, cutting the power and pack behavior. They have Semi-Sapient intelligence without the addition of Implants. They have also shown to use their acid blood to their advantage by throwing at their enemies to melt them. Xenomorphs have also camouflage to ambush their prey.

Diet Edit

Xenomorphs have not been seen to eat anything with the exception of a Carved Warrior that headbited a dead Human involved in the Gunnison, Colorado Incident. With their acid blood Xenomorphs do not need to eat anything.

Life Cycle Edit


The Basic stages of the Xenomorph Life Cycle

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The Xenomorph Life Cycle is a strange one.

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