Subold or Zuma Gold is a metal used by the Animal Empire. Subold is known for being the strongest material.

Appearance Edit

Subold is gold in color and is opaque. Subold can melt. Molten Subold is very similar to molten lava in appearance. It has a metallic lustre. Subold is often mistaken for gold due to its colour and lustre

History Edit

Subold may have originated on Ork. The Gum Zalians created the Dream Caravan, which is a large source of Subold. Later, the Zum Galians took over Gum Zali and had access to Subold. Years later, The Animal Empire liberated the Dream Caravan and made a law that Kor only has access to Subold


Subold is often used for armour though it is also used as an energy source. It is also used for buildings and has many other uses. Subold is one of the most used materials on Kor.

The Dream CaravanEdit

Main article: Dream Caravan

The Dream Caravan is the main source of Subold. It is housed in The Arthropod's Caverin on Kor. 

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