"Hey! Robbie Rotten!?!"
―Robbie Rotten to himself
Robbie Rotten is a villain known for the song We Are Number One. Robbie is seen performing We Are Number One with the trading gang. He is also seen with Bobby, Flobby and Tobby Rotten trying to throw a net on Mailman, Litarboy, Hoot, Smart The Spinosaurus and Female Stick because they were not lazy.

Physical Appearance Edit

Robbie Rotten wears a navy blue shirt with a purple vest with dark red stripes. He also wears a belt and formal shoes. Robbie has black hair as well as grey eyes. In the song Master of Disguise, he claims to be slimy and be able to disguise as anything, such as Sportacus, a pirate, an old lady and "a scary Dinosaur with a loud ferocious roar". He is very tall and skinny. He also wears blue socks with red stripes.

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