A Predator or Yautja is a species of bipedal humanoid alien that is known for hunting Humans and Xenomorphs. Predators are known for their abilities to find, fool and kill their prey in The Hunt.

Physical Appearance Edit



Predators are usually 9 feet tall and range in color from beige to brown. Predators have dreadlocks and mandibles. They have a small mouth and a flattened head. They usually have black eyes. They have clawed fingers and toes and a lean athletic physique in most cases.

Intelligence Edit


The Jungle Hunter using his Cloaking Device

Predators have been shown to be very intelligent by making technology no Human could have made like cloaking devices and lasers that could penetrate through so many layers of ice in a day. They probably have Sapient intelligence.

Diet Edit

Not much is known about Predator diet but they have been seen to eat raw flesh.

Language and Communication Edit

Predators have a language as seen with their unique lettering. They also have an Honor Code that prohibits Predators from stealing other Predators trophies, killing other Predators, Entering another Predator's hunt. attacking innocents, elderly, sick, pregnant and children unless they attack them.

Technology Edit


The City Hunter waving his Combistick

Predators have various technology like Wristblades, Ships, Cloaking Devices, Bio-Masks and Plasma Cannons.

Alternate Forms Edit


Main article: Super-Predator

A Super-Predator is a Predator that is larger and smarter than an average Predator.

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