"Socks are yummy!"
Kakian regarding Socks (from Submarine Boy)
The Common Sock, or simply Sock is a species of endoparasitoid organism that latches onto its host's feet. They are mutants, looked like the socks that people wear on their feet. They were even wearable, and due to all of this, many people actually thought that these were socks, though these would actually eat your feet if you put them on, as these were very hungry creatures and were almost never satisfied.

Physical Appearance Edit


The Indominus Sock is much larger than a normal sock and has a large crest on his head

Socks range in color from blue to black. They have small arms which are almost invisible to the naked eye. They do not have feet and instead just have claws protruding from their legs as they do not need feet and rarely move on their own.

Diet Edit

Socks eat their host's feet. They have not been seen to eat anything else.

Origin Edit

Socks were originally created by Submarine Man as an excuse to make lamas look evil and distract the citizens of Oceaa from his plan.