Brother Bears are a species of parasite created by Submarine Man that are known for impregnating their host with a Brother Bear with a syringe-like appendage at the tip of their tail.

Physical Appearance Edit

Brother Bears are similar to Xenomorphs in appearance. They are blue in color and usually have 4 fingered hands. They have digitigrade legs. Brother Bears have syringe-like appendages at the tips of their tails that are used for impregnating their hosts with Brother Bears.

Origin Edit

It is unknown where Brother Bears came from. The first Brother Bear was spotted in the Dreamscape dimension where it attacked a hunter.

Diet Edit

Brother Bears are thought to be carnivorous. Brother Bears often eat their victims, as they have often been spotted eating hunters in the Dreamscape.

Life Cycle Edit


A Brother Bear hatching from an Incubation Egg

The Brother Bear life cycle is one of the strangest life cycles. First, a Brother Bear impregnates its host. An Egg forms around the host and the Brother Bear inside the host kills it and uses its body. The Incubation Egg opens and the Brother Bear hatches.

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